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Upgrade Your  Laser Tag Event

Check out the upgrades we offer for your laser tag party or event. You are welcome to add these upgrades on at anytime up until 14 days before your event. 

Upgrades are great to give that extra wow factor at your laser tag parties and events. The most popular upgrades are the smoke, lighting and music for indoor parties. For outdoors people normally go for camo paints and smoke grenades and of course the red dot upgrade.

If you require any more information please do call us or email us anytime, we are here to help.

Milkshake/ Food Van:

 Hot Dog, 🌭, Chips 🍟, Drink 🥤& Milkshake for just £10 Per Person! 

Minimum Charge £185. 

Tea & Barista Coffee also available. 

Run by a company we partner with.

Looking for a themed laser tag party or event?

Star Wars themed laser tag or even the popular 'Fortnite' themed party.

With the rise of ‘Fortnite’ and gaming in general, Laser Tag is hugely popular for kids of all ages. Our ‘Fortnite’ themed guns tie in with that perfectly making their Laser Tag Birthday Party even more awesome.

Does Laser Tag Hurt? - Short Answer, no!

No-impact’ (unlike Paintball), Laser Tag is ideal for kids who really dislike the idea of getting ‘hit’ with a Paintball. What makes it even better is that parents/family/older siblings can all join in!

Making for a super memorable time for everyone, so instead of waiting around watching, anyone attending can get involved in the fun.

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Google Review

Laser Tag 2U - Organised a taser tag event for the 1st Royal Eltham Scouts. The event was a smash for the kids they absolutely loved it. Michael and his team were professional and certainly know how to organise an event. We have booked for another event already. Would definitely recommend and great value for money.

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