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How far will you travel? 

- We are a mobile company and will travel anywhere in the UK. We charge 55p per mile return.


Does the equipment work indoors and outdoors?

- Yes, it works anywhere and everywhere. Even in your local woods! 


How old do you need to be for Laser Tag?

- 7+ we say, but its mainly whether you can hold the weight of the phasors (laser gun). We offer parties from age 8.


Do you have insurance?
- We have full insurance for all of our activities. Please email us for certificate.


Do we need to supply power?

- We have a generator we can use to a limit.


If we are planning a laser tag birthday party what do we need to do?

- Just relax and enjoy the day, we provide everything and look after the whole group, the only thing we ask is that there is an adult on site at all times. 


What happens if it rains?

- You will get wet, we are happy to go ahead in light rain. We will have to review the situation together in terms of safety and if necessary rearrange for another day. 

What happens if I book 'Up to 22 Players' and 24 players turn up?

- We will always have spare equipment with us, any extra players than the quoted amount we charge £10 per person per hour. This will be invoiced to you after the event. 

Is the equipment safe? 

- All our equipment is fully safe, the laser phasors are not real lasers we use Led lights and infra red technology. You can download the safety report from our manufacturers - Click here to download - 


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