We can provide a wide range of activities and team building packages days. 

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Human Grand Prix


Human Grand Prix racing is a good team building activity which gets the whole team involved. The Human Grand Prix must be set up outdoors on a grass area. The whole team must work together to move the car along the course with the equipment supplied. Good team work and communication is required with this team building event.

Team Block Puzzle

Team Block Puzzle is a good active team building activity. This team building challenge requires the whole team to work out & transport the puzzle shapes into position by using the ropes provided. Good teamwork and communication is required with this team building activity. For extra team building points, each team can stack the wooden blocks on top of each other using the equipment provided.

Giant Puzzles


The Giant Puzzles are the perfect team building challenge for teams to try and solve. These Giant Puzzles will be a hit at any team building event.

Stepping Stones


Once again this activity is focused on the group moving from one side of a designated area to another. The mats need to be used as stepping stones to keep people away from the acid river that rages underneath them. If a stone isn’t secured by foot pressure then it is lost by the group. Eventually the group will either succeed by getting across the area or fail and be stranded due to the lack of resources.

Traffic Jam


The object is to move one half of the group from one side of the midpoint to the other. Each group must stay in sequence. There are only two legal moves allowed. 1. Step forward into an open spot. 2. Step around a member of the opposite facing team to an empty spot. Only one person can move at a time.



The group must move from one designated point to another, using only the trolleys as a vehicle to get there. The group can choose to either line up on the two planks (one for each foot) and walk in time to the end point or they can choose to caterpillar their way to the end by all standing on one plank and dragging the second through to the front. Then swapping planks and repeating the process.

Package One

1.5 hours Team Building Games


Package Two 

1.5 hours Team Building Games 

Lunch Break 

1.5 hours Laser Tag


Package Three

1.5 hours Team Building Games

Lunch Break 

1 hour Team Building Games

1.5 hours Laser Tag


Package Four

1.5 hours Team Building Games

Lunch Break

1.5 hours Team Building Games


Package Five

Design your own package


Giant Hamster Wheels


Giant Hamster Wheels is a very visual Team Building event with up to 4 teams racing at the same time. Teams compete against the clock to complete the course staying inside the giant Hamster Wheel. The Giant Hamster Wheels are a good team building game which requires team work, leaders & communication skills. 

10ft Team Buzzer


Two people from the same team have to work together to complete the giant buzzer without it ringing. The Team Buzzer is also a race against the clock. Good trust, team work & communication are required with the Giant Buzzer Team Challenge. Good indoor or outdoor team building activity.

Crazy Feet Racing

These giant crazy feet make a great fun team building activity. Make sure your team members know their left from their right. Each team has to complete the short course using good communication and team work. With several teams racing at the same time this is a very good competitive team building activity.

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is a great game to hire which will keeps people entertained at your event. We hire out the Giant Jenga with a large 12ft round mat.



The object of this activity is to move the group through the matrix, a horizontal cargo net. The activity can be run simply as stepping a certain pattern, similar to ‘Go, Go, Stop’, with the whole group following that pattern. Or it can be run more like a horizontal spider’s web, in which the group must traverse the matrix without touching any of the sides of each hole.

Object Retrieval


To remove an object from within a designated no-go zone. Anyone touching the material is blindfolded and has another person guiding them. The aim of this game is to focus on communication and problem solving skills.

The Meuse


To cross the “raging crocodile infested swamp” using only 3 planks of wood and one length of rope. The whole group and all the equipment must make it without dropping anything or anyone into the ‘crocodile’s territory’.

Laser Tag 


The mobile course can be set up anywhere from your back garden to your local woods even your school hall. They can provide hours of different team building activities and competitive games based on the well-established game of “tag”.

Crazy Rope 


The group will be given a large rope with a number of different knots in. Half of the group will be blind folded. Everyone's left hand will be "stuck" to the rope at all times. The groups aim is  to untie the rope within the time limit without letting go. 


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