Stay At Home & Play Laser Tag

During this uncertain time we are offering a great hire pack for your

family & bubbles to help you keep smiling:) 

Includes 10 Awesome Phasors, 1 spare, 2 medic boxes, master controller, 2 flags, chargers and instruction pack/ videos.


Plus - 10 Bandanas, 5 Smoke Grenades, 1 Camouflage Paint


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We deliver the day before your party. 


All the equipment is 100% clean & packed & left for 3 days before going out.


Enjoy the gear for 48 hours or more. 

Great fun for all the family.

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If you would like to book for more equipment please email us - Info@lasertag2u.co.uk

Why not add some smoke grenades or camo paint? We can also provide inflatable walls to hide behind.

How to Hire and Create a Laser Tag Party Experience In Your Home During Lockdown 


Arranging the fun for the family can seem like a challenge, especially when you have to stay at home. However, if you’re looking for an action-packed, fast-paced option then laser tag is going to tick every box. The great thing about our laser tag hire stay at home packs is that you get to create your very own laser tag experience which means the possibilities are endless. So, if you want a bit of fun at home then you have to start with the basics - the package that works best for you!

How to begin your laser tag home experience


First of all, you’re going to need what kind of laser tag event you want. Is it for younger kids or older big kids/adults? Whatever the occasion, you can opt for the Awesome Party box if it’s for children over the age of six. This is a great option for letting the little ones experience laser tag for the first time. The excitement of handling the lightweight Black Cobras is going to have them hooked instantly! If you’re looking for something more then the Ultimate Party box is going to hit the spot. Ideal for users over the age of eight, the Black Cobras come with additional red dot sights, adding to the overall excitement.

It’s Endless Fun For Everyone


The reality is that laser tag is great for anyone. Who doesn’t love running around with a gun while hiding and trying your best to pick off your next victim? It’s completely safe too and unlike paint balling, there is no painful hits or splatter of paint to worry about. The only thing you need to do is stay nimble and alert and prepare for battle!


It doesn’t matter whether you are six years old or sixty years old, laser tag is an activity that really is for everyone. All of the equipment is delivered straight to your door which leaves you to get as creative as you want when it comes to using it! All you need to do is rally up your friends, family or colleagues and get the party started!


If you are looking for lockdown ideas then look no further than Laser Tag 2U/ Laser Tag 4 Hire. We have everything you need to create the ultimate experience keeping all entertained for hours. 

home laser tag ideas

Includes all equipment needed for fun!

Medic boxes & Master Controller

All equipment is clean before and after a hire.

Free delivery & collection nationwide.

Easy to use and ready to go! 

For more information please visit www.Lasertag4hire.com 

Or email us - hire@lasertag4hire.com

Laser Tag is Great For Social Distancing


We have all had to change the way that we live our lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. Much of our lives have been stripped away as we have been told to keep our distance and avoid contact. What this has meant is that many of the things we love doing have had to stop, whether it’s playing sports, watching or going for drinks with friends, it’s safe to say that life has become somewhat limited but not everything is as it seems. 


Whether you’re looking to catch up with friends or even arrange an event in place of that stag or hen trip abroad that you had planned, Laser Tag can step up and give you everything you’ve been missing.


Think it’s Unsafe? Think Again!


We now automatically assume that we can no longer do certain things because of the way that we have been told to live our lives but Laser Tag is different! If you thought that Laser Tag was off the radar then it’s time to think again. The great thing about Laser Tag is that it is completely safe because of the way in which it is played. So, what makes it safer than other activities?


You Can Play Outside


That’s right, you can play Laser Tag outside, so all you need to do is find an open space before setting up your course. Whether it’s a large field, a woodland area or a large garden, it’s flexible and easy to set up. However, because it can be played outdoors, it means you are not playing in a stale environment with no airflow. If you’re surrounded by fresh air then there is less chance of germs and viruses from spreading between players.


Equipment Remains with the Players


Players are given their own guns and they will keep hold of those throughout the entire game. This means that interaction is minimal and equipment won’t get passed around which means that the risk of spreading germs is reduced. What’s more, the guns are easy to clean and wipe down with anti bacterial wipes or spray after playing, making sure that they are ready for the next players.


There’s No Contact


Social distancing has to be considered in everything that we do and that rules out many activities but not Laser Tag! Laser Tag can be played in large open spaces which gives players enough room to keep apart. The ideal of the game is to avoid being shot so players are naturally going to be drawn away from each other. However, even when players are shot by another player, they are done so from a distance because the guns have a significant reach. This means that social distancing forms a part of the activity naturally.


With the current pandemic dictating how we do things, it’s refreshing to have an activity like Laser Tag that allows us to follow all social distancing rules while ensuring all players remain safe. If you’re looking for a Covid-safe activity then Laser Tag is the ideal pick.